California Gourmet Vegan Chocolate Chips

California Gourmet Vegan Nut-Free Belgian Chocolate Chips
Available in 300+ stores in USA and Australia 

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  •  Select Shop Rite Stores (Saker Shop Rite Grocery Stores)
  •  Beni’s Kosher Market in Woodland Hills, CA  91367 
          6003 Fallbrook Avenue
  •  Santa Monica Kosher Market – Los Angeles 90025
11540 Santa Monica Blvd.
   • STOP & SHOP in Connecticut
  •  Sylvia’s Kosher Place – Hollywood, FL 33021
3294 Stirling Rd.
Kosher Central – Hollywood, FL 33021
5650 Stirling Rd.
NUT-FREE California Gourmet Chocolate Chips
All natural
, non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free,  dairy-free, Kosher (Pareve). Allergy friendly.
Manufactured and packed in a NUT-FREE facility. 

Locations listed on this page. If you don’t see these in a store near you, email:
Delicious, rich, thick, California Gourmet Fudgy Brownies: 


California Gourmet Chocolate Chips can be found in the following retail locations:

  • Pomegranate, NY
  • Empire Kosher, NY
  • BenZ’s Gourmet, NY
  • Riverdale Kosher Market, Riverdale, NY
  • Gourmet Glatt, Spruce Str NY
  • Gourmet Glatt, Boro Park, NY
  • Gourmet Butcher, NY
  • Everfresh, Great Neck, NY
  • Breadberry, Boro Park, NY
  • KRM Market, Boro Park, NY
  • Goldberg’s, Boro Park, NY
  • Mega 53, Boro Park, NY
  • Super 13, Boro Park NY
  • Boro Park Food Mart, NY
  • KosherTown, NY
  • Grand and Essex, NY
  • Beaches, NY
  • The MarketPlace, NY
  • Kol Tuv, Brooklyn, NY
  • Kahan’s Superette, Crown Heights, NY
  • Klein’s, Crown Heights, NY
  • Evergreen Kosher Monsey, NY
  • All Fresh, Monsey, NY
  • Hatzlacha Supermarket, Monsey, NY
  • Rockland Kosher, Monsey, NY
  • Wesley Kosher, Monsey, NY
  • Paperific, Flatbush, NY
  • Paperific, Boro Park, NY
  • Stop & Ship in Connecticut
  • Seasons, Clifton/Passaic, NJ
  • Seasons, Central Ave LI, NY
  • Seasons, Amsterdam St., NYC
  • Seasons, Queens, NY
  • Aron’s Kissena Farms, Queens NY
  • Moisha’s Discount Flatbush, NY
  • Shop Smart, Flatbush, NY
  • Mittelman Kosher Supermarket, Flatbush, NY
  • Mountain Fruit, Flatbush, NY
  • Glatt 27, Highland Park, NJ
  • Cedar Market, Teaneck, NJ
  • Kosher Konnection, Passaic, NJ
  • NPGS, Lakewood, NJ
  • Shloimy’s, Lakewood, NJ
  • Farm Fresh, Lakewood, NJ
  • Kosher West, Lakewood, NJ
  • Kollel Store, Lakewood, NY
  • Sampo Distributors, PA, OH, and KY
  • Boca Kosher MarketPlace, Boca Raton, FL
  • South Florida Kosher Market, Miami, FL
  • Kosher Kingdom, Miami, FL
  • Kastner’s, Miami Beach, FL
  • Aroma Kosher Market, Cooper City, FL
  • House of Kosher, Philadelphia, PA
  • Murray Avenue Kosher, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Yeshiva Co-op, Scranton, PA
  • Seven Mile Market, Baltimore, MD
  • Market Maven, Baltimore, MD
  • A to Z Savings, Baltimore, MD
  • Moti’s Market, Rockville, MD
  • Shalom’s Kosher Market, Silver Spring, MD
  • The Kosher Palate, Dallas, TX
  • Belden’s Grocery, Houston, TX
  • One Stop Kosher, Detroit, MI
  • The Kosher Spot, Minneapolis, MN
  • The Spicy Peach, Atlanta, GA
  • Best Value Distr., Miami, FL
  • TAP Kosher Market, Toronto, ONT
  • Jewel/Osco (Howard), Chicago, IL
  • ILLINOIS – 165+ Jewel locations
    Full Jewel listings:
  • INDIANA – Several Jewel/Albertson’s locations
  • Pacific Northwest Kosher, Seattle, WA
  •, Seattle, WA 
  • Unger’s Kosher Bakery, Cleveland, OH
  • Tibor’s Meat Market, Cleveland, OH
  • Boris Kosher Meats, Cleveland, OH
  • The Silver Spoon Etcetera, Columbus, OH
  • The Butcherie, Boston, MA
  • Western Kosher, Pico, CA
  • Western Kosher, Fairfax, CA
  • Ariel Kosher Market, CA
  • The Rabbi’s Daughter Boutique, Los Angeles, CA
  • Oakland Kosher, Oakland, CA
  • Le Market in Valley Village, CA
  • Orange County Kosher, CA
  • Cambridge Farms, CA
  • Vicente Foods, CA
  • Pico Glatt, CA
  • La Brea Market, CA
  • Glatt Mart, CA
  • Livonia Glatt, CA
  • Ventura Kosher, CA
  • Super Sal, CA
  • Smith’s – Summerlin, Las Vegas, NV
  • COLES Grocery, Melbourne, Australia
  • Rishon Foods, Melbourne, Australia
  • Kosher Kingdom, Melbourne, Australia
  • Kraus Foods Market, Melbourne, Australia
  • Krinsky’s, Sydney, Australia

 Red bags = original, high-quality Belgian chocolate, 45% cocoa,
Blue bags = soy-free, nut-free, pure tasting, Belgian chocolate 48% cocoa (in 170+ Jewel/Albertsons in Illinois)
Chocolate chips in BenZ’s, Gourmet Glatt, Seasons, Pomegranate, Empire Kosher, The Kosher MarketPlace, Breadberry, 170+ Jewel/Albertsons locations, Cedar Market, Unger’s, Western Kosher, Boca Kosher MarketPlace, South Florida Kosher Market, Sarah’s Tent, etc…
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